Outhouse Renovation

This little building, originally an old pig shed with a tiny door to the front, would have simply been demolished by many people. We did point out to our clients it would be cheaper than renovation! But they are, understandably, very proud of their house and the history that goes with it.

After discussing a few ideas it was decided to turn the building layout around and create a new doorway to the back wall. After totally replacing the roof, a new window and door were installed and the stonework rebuilt, where necessary. The inside of the building was rendered and power points and lighting installed. Finally, the stonework outside was cleaned and re pointed.

We think the pictures speak for themselves!

Lean-to Roof

It was necessary to completely strip this roof and replace everything. The roof structure was built, then slated, and all wall edges made good.. The ridge line was then "benched", in the traditional way with cement, in order to seal the building. The rafter sides (rives) were slated to cover the exposed woodwork.

Fibro Slate Roof with Five Dormers

Like a lot of our work, this job came through recommendation. The client wanted a new roof, with three dormer windows to the front aspect and two to the rear.

Various problems had to be overcome first to get the ridge line looking straight and flat. All rotten timbers were removed and replaced with treated, stress graded timber. Most of the dormer construction was fabricated in the workshop with the flashings and valleys handcrafted in zinc and soldered on site using traditional French methods. The bases of the dormer frames were all lined with zinc and, again, soldered individually.

The edges of the roof rafters (rives) were lined in slate, and terracotta coloured ridge tiles gave the roof its final character. Traditional zinc guttering and downpipes were fitted to complete the job to the required high quality.


We carry out a range of work in stone, from bricking up an existing opening to rebuilding small walls. Careful attention is given to blending the new work with the old, using special cement that contains lime to make the wall "breathable".

Gazebo Tiling

Our customer wanted fairly ornate tiling carried out on his gazebo floor. This design was chosen from four sketches we supplied with the quotation. The tiles used were locally sourced, hand-made, clay 'Tommetes'.

The first day was spent carefully setting out the tiles, ensuring they were symmetrical across the entrance and lining them up precisely with the vertical posts. The decorative inlays had to be centralised, taking care there was a good overlap at the base to give good drainage.

After plenty of cutting, this was the finished result.


We undertake various types of pointing work, using both modern and traditional lime mortars. All old, crumbling, material is removed by hand and the joints and surface cleaned. Small areas of stonework are then repaired, as necessary.

Finally, the pointing is undertaken and cleaned back to expose a neat, clean, sealed (but breathable) wall.

Lime Rendering and Hearth

Although the original stonework was a beautiful feature it was very dark and felt a bit cold, so the intention was to render the old stone walls to brighten up the lounge.

The customer wanted the occasional stone picked out, and the fireplace reveals to be a feature. Finally, a new hearth was laid from from second hand tommettes ready for a new wood burner.

The transformation was incredible and really changed the feel of the room.