Pine Bedroom Furniture

This job, our first largish commission in France, was for a complete set of bedroom furniture in solid pine. Two built in wardrobes with internal shelving, dividers and a hanging rail were constructed, with special hinges being used to enable the doors to open fully for easy access. On the opposite side of the room a ten drawer unit, with a central cupboard, was built and a pair of small bedside tables with drawers completed the set.

Several client visits were made to come up with agreed sketches of the furniture. Scaled drawings were then produced to show the customer the final design detail and key dimensions. To ensure an accurate fit full size templates were made on site, before proceeding with fabrication in the workshop.

Everything was neatly installed and finished with matching end panels, plinths and cornice mouldings before being stained, base coated and, finally, waxed.

Porch Roof

This was made to a fairly elaborate design, with the rafters exposed on the interior to give character and a feeling of space. For ease of assembly virtually the whole roof was made in the workshop before being installed on site.

The front frame was constructed using mortise and tenon joinery, with fabricated gallow brackets used to support the overhanging roof at the front. To bring light into the porch the top triangle was glazed with three sealed units, whilst a turned finial on the frame complimented the design.

Decorative Roof and Dormers

This job was for a complete new roof , the first stage being the replacement of all the old structural timbers with oak. The rafters inside were to be on show, to add character, so foil quilt insulation was placed on the outside to create what is termed a "warm roof".

Four very ornate dormers were built and installed, their frame sills being lined with zinc to prevent any rain leaking in. Turned oak finials were incorporated into the design of the front dormer frames to give a touch of elegance.

The roof and dormers were covered with natural slate, topped with terracotta ridge tiles. A lot of decorative detailing was incorporated, each slate being cut by hand and carefully laid so the pattern lined through the roof.

Finally, the job was finished using traditional zinc guttering and downpipes.

Oak Cellar Door

Constructed throughout using locally sourced oak and with the door panels made up with biscuit joints and polyurethane glue. The door was jointed with pegged mortise and tenons with a wrought iron grille providing a unique look, as well as ventilation, to the cellar.

As with all our doors, panel edges were sealed before construction and, after assembly, everything given three coats of microporous varnish to finish.

Ornate Oak Front Door

This customer wanted their old, draughty front door replicated exactly in oak reusing the old cast iron window grille. The ornate profiles were machined after fabricating specially shaped cutting tools.

Mortise and tenoned joinery was used throughout the project, and the frame was rebated for a draught excluder. After installing the newly refurbished grille, the door was glazed with a sealed unit and three coats of varnish applied to complete the job.

The customer was very pleased with the result.

Pine Bookcase Unit

This job comprised two bookcases and a corner unit. One of the bookcases was divided to incorporate a sliding shelf to house a widescreen TV. The corner section, with four doors, hides the electricity meter. The customer wanted to finish the cabinets himself.

Louis XV Commode Restoration

This really was an interesting job! Our French client wanted to restore her cabinet to its former glory. As well as repairs to the veneers a replacement drawer front needed making, the original having been been lost at her other property.

After sourcing veneers to match the grain and finish of the commode, the fine marquetry detail was reconstructed. The drawer curvature was carefully copied and jointed with dovetails to match the existing drawers.

The inlays were made from three types of veneers and, after painstakingly touching up the detailing and repeatedly applying layers of finish, an exact match was obtained with the colours and sheen of the original piece. The veneer was repaired in several other areas, and delicately finished to blend perfectly. New bronze drawer handles, formed to accommodate the drawers' curvature, were fitted. After everything had been carefully cleaned, and given a thorough polish, the original marble top was refitted.

This was the end result and the customer was delighted!

Antique Pine Kitchen Cabinet

This client needed a kitchen wall cabinet to match his existing units brought over from the UK.

The existing cabinets were carefully measured then the details replicated in solid pine using photos, and one of the original doors, as a guide. Each door was constructed with a raised and fielded panel and the cornice was machined and worked by hand to closely match the original profile. Finally, the cabinet was stained and waxed to match the finish of the originals.

Glazed Front Door in Solid Oak.

The original door had been there for many years. It had nine panes of glass at the top, and two timber panels at the bottom. There was no cill to close the door onto so the wind, and occasionally the rain, just came in. The biggest problem was that the old door really didn't let in enough light. After a few sketches and discussions with the client a new design was agreed upon.

The stock was prepared from locally sourced oak, and mortise and tenon joints cut. After gluing and clamping the door leaf three solid oak panels were machined for the bottom. For security, a modern full length multipoint locking system was installed and a draught excluder machined into the frame. A low aluminium cill section was fitted, to avoid any risk of tripping.

To complete the installation two obscure sealed units were fitted to the door, to further minimise any heat loss. The inside of the door frame was lined with oak architraves and, after a final coat of varnish inside and out, the job was complete.

External Staircase

The customer wanted a simple external staircase built which was to be constructed with pressure treated material for longevity. We built this in the workshop in kit form then installed on site.

The customer wanted a unique feature adding so a small oak leaf was carved on the newel post. The client stained the staircase a rustic oak colour which finished it perfectly.

Well Roof

This was constructed for a french roofer. Already built into the well's walls were two oblong iron bars, onto which the roof was to sit. Two deep mortise slots were cut into the roof's supports and it was simply dropped into position.The slating and finishing were completed by the client.